Apply to be a Mosaicx Agent

Many companies are turning to conversational AI to reduce operating costs, build brand loyalty, and create exceptional experiences. As with any new technology, these early adopters have quickly become overwhelmed with which AI solution best meets their business needs.

That’s where you can help. Mosaicx is looking to partner with Agents who can identify companies struggling to understand their AI options and work together with our sales team to present the best solution to fit their needs

Why should you partner with Mosaicx?

You have an opportunity to generate income for your organization and drive results for your prospects. This isn’t just another chatbot. Mosaicx carries out natural-sounding, vocal conversations with a company’s customers and employees, and unlike most software tools, our team will continue to partner with you and your prospects for the long haul.

  • Proven Experience
    • Mosaicx industry-specific solutions were designed to support the needs of clients who service billions of customer requests every year.
  • Trusted Advisor
    • Your Mosaicx team is invested in driving tangible outcomes for your prospects, leveraging powerful analytics and industry knowledge.
  • Self-Service Controls
    • With Mosaicx Insights and Mosaicx Manager, companies can take immediate action to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue.
  • Enterprise Scalability
    • Mosaicx is a cloud-based, scalable solution designed to grow with business demands.

About Mosaicx

Mosaicx is a cloud-based solution that uses conversational AI, machine learning and natural language processing technologies to automate interactions with customers and employees. Its IVA technology delivers fast, easy, personalized service through industry-leading voice recognition and digital messaging capabilities, creating positive interactions that drive improved customer and employee satisfaction. Mosaicx makes conversational AI surprisingly simple.