Conversational AI in Banking and Finance

Personalized, Trusted, and
Secure Financial Interactions

Deliver fast, easy, personalized experiences through conversational AI


Natural and Trustworthy

See how Mosaicx guides customers through natural-sounding conversations, allowing them to resolve requests like checking a balance and transferring funds without talking to an agent.

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Impact of Conversational
AI in Finance

Meet Revenue

Mosaicx Outreach sends timely, personalized promotions to increase awareness and purchases.

Improve Customer Experience

Mosaicx improves customer retention by up to 10% through exceptional customer experiences.​

Avoid Fragmented Technology

Mosaicx easily integrates with other pieces of your existing technology environment.

Finance by the numbers:


Monthly Calls Received


Call Containment

Serving the Complete
Financial Industry



Provide 24/7 service to banking customers, helping them complete common financial transactions.

  • Update account information
  • Find a location
  • Check balance
  • Transfer money
  • Automated ID&V



Credit Cards

Give cardholders the self-service tools they need to manage their credit and debit cards.

  • Verification codes
  • Send payment reminders
  • Collect payments
  • Answer FAQ
  • Manage member benefits



Automate loan administration at every step of the process, from first contact through long-term payoff.

  • Provide statements
  • Collect payments
  • Send offers to refinance
  • Update account information
  • Manage mortgages and student loans



Generate long-lasting loyalty through memorable member experiences.

  • Send payment reminders
  • Schedule appointments
  • Transfer funds
  • Share member news
  • Find a location

Mosaicx for Finance

Download this free guide about using conversational AI strategies to improve member experiences and see how banks, credit unions, credit card companies and other financial organizations use Mosaicx to meet their needs.

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