AI for Travel and Hospitality

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Transform the way travelers plan, book, and enjoy their journeys with personalized and seamless AI-powered interactions

Fast, Easy and Personalized

Mosaicx automates a wider range of interactions than traditional IVR systems. Plus, it makes service feel simple and conversational, just like talking to an agent.

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Impact of Conversational
AI in Travel

Collect Information
to Solve Problems

Mosaicx Insights provides organizations the ability to track performance to assist in decision making.

Reduce Technology-
Driven Downtime

Mosaicx seamlessly integrates with other technology, avoiding problems caused by fragmented systems.

Avoid Brand

Mosaicx designs customer experiences that improve brand loyalty.

Travel by the numbers:


Monthly Calls Received


Call Containment

Serving the Complete
Travel Industry




Keep customers informed at every step of the journey.

  • Send travel updates
  • Offer location-based information
  • Share coupons
  • Automate flight changes
  • Search for flight data



Offer proactive service and promotional messaging.

  • Collect payments
  • Send cart reminders
  • Check reservation status
  • Offer promotions
  • Manage accounts



Automate management of customer accounts and loyalty programs.

  • Personalize messaging
  • Send loyalty rewards
  • Share local promotions
  • Give recommendations
  • Answer FAQ



Easily update virtual agents and text-based messaging as seasonal needs change.

  • Provide statements
  • Send loyalty rewards
  • Share member-only offers
  • Update account information
  • Manage member benefits

Mosaicx for Travel

Download this free guide about using conversational AI strategies to improve customer experiences and see how airlines, hotels, and the rest of the travel industry uses Mosaicx to meet their needs.

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