Conversational AI in Telecom Industry

Streamlined Subscriber Experiences Through Conversational AI

Deliver 24/7 support, recommendations, and issue resolutions

Simple and Conversational

Cable, satellite, phone, and internet service customers contact their providers for a wide range of reasons. Check out this example, in which Mosaicx predicts why a customer is calling and solves the issue in just a couple minutes.

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Impact of Conversational
AI in Telecommunications


Mosaicx automates a wider range of tasks than traditional IVR systems, lowering service costs.

Collect Information
to Solve Problems

Mosaicx Insights provides organizations the ability to track performance to assist in decision making.

Reduce Technology
Driven Downtime

Mosaicx seamlessly integrates with other technology, avoiding problems caused by fragmented systems.

by the numbers:


Monthly Calls Received


Call Containment

Serving the Complete
Telecom Industry



You know the importance of a quality voice network, and so do we. Mosaicx is designed with audio at top of mind.

  • Offer mobile service
  • Trust a resilient carrier
  • Merge voice and text communication
  • Manage accounts
  • Answer FAQ



Your customers expect always-on, reliable service. Offer customer service that matches.

  • Send outage updates
  • Use omnichannel communication
  • Update account information
  • Collect payments
  • Schedule truck rolls



Automate management of insurance billing programs.

  • Provide statements
  • Send payment reminders
  • Promote special offers
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage customer information

Mosaicx for Communications

Download this free guide about using conversational AI strategies to improve experiences for telecommunications customers and see how providers use Mosaicx to meet their needs.

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Mosaicx for Communications


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