Mosaicx Engage

AI virtual agents that make it easy for companies and people to communicate

“We moved from a legacy IVR application to Mosaicx, one of the benefits is use of Conversational AI to dynamically modify content and the use of Natural Language for an improved customer experience.”

Customer Technology Manager | Marketing & Advertising

What Makes Engage Different?

While IVRs rely on menus and pre-programmed responses, Mosaicx Engage understands natural language used by your customers and responds in kind.

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See Mosaicx in Action

Mosaicx uses voice recognition and digital messaging to help users find information quickly and resolve issues without help from an agent.

Answer Questions

Manage an Account

Make Payments

Check Order or Claim Status

Identify Callers

Resolve Common Requests


Why Mosaicx?

The Mosaicx team has been innovating customer experience technology for decades. Our team listens to our clients and constantly improves Mosaicx to meet their needs. It's conversational AI personalized for both your customers and you.

Voice and Text Compatible
 Analytics and Insights Portal
Ongoing Updates
Transactional Pricing
Design and Implementation Support
Enhanced with Google NLU Models



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