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Talking to Mosaicx is just like talking to a clerk, nurse, or pharmacist. Watch this video to see an example of a virtual healthcare agent taking care of a patient over the phone.

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Impact of Conversational
AI in Healthcare


Mosaicx has been proven to drive a reduction of operational costs of up to 30%.

Poor Patient Experience

Mosaicx boosts patient retention by up to 10% through exceptional patient experiences.​

Avoid Fragmented Technology

Mosaicx easily integrates with other pieces of your existing technology environment.

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The patient experience doesn’t end when they leave the clinic. Mosaicx provides 24/7 service for patients to review bills, ask questions, and receive reminders for upcoming appointments.

  • Mobile check in
  • Find a provider
  • Update account information
  • Review patient history
  • Make appointments



Automate key financial episodes throughout the patient care process, making it easier for your team to manage and for your patients to use.

  • Check balance
  • Send payment reminders
  • Collect payments
  • Schedule appointments
  • Patient verification



Provide enhanced self-service support so patients can manage their prescriptions more easily without employee assistance, allowing pharmacists to focus on their primary duties.

  • Refill prescriptions
  • Check prescription status
  • Locate a pharmacy
  • Send refill reminders
  • Share seasonal messages



Introduce virtual agents and proactive messaging to create exceptional experiences for patients, even if you see them once or twice a year.

  • Send checkup reminders
  • Change appointments
  • Confirm when orders are ready
  • Share promotions
  • Answer FAQ

Mosaicx for Healthcare

Download this free guide about using conversational AI strategies to improve patient health and how our clients use Mosaicx to meet their needs in the healthcare and pharmacy industry.

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