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The Conversational AI Report | December 2022

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Hello from the Mosaicx team!

We’re thrilled to launch the inaugural edition of The Conversational AI Report. In this quarterly newsletter, we will share developments in the conversational AI space, notable trends that impact CX decision-makers, and company updates. We welcome any feedback you have. We hope this newsletter sparks interesting conversations between you and your teams.

27 - Updated - Customer Experience Management How to Determine the Next Best Action

CX Corner

How to Determine the Next Best Action

It pays to be customer-centric. Studies show companies that prioritize customer experience are 60% more profitable than their non-customer-focused counterparts. Today, successful CX strategies rely on data to make informed decisions. More specifically, data can help determine the next best action to meet a customer’s needs. Read more about how AI-enabled technologies can shape and support CX management.

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Will Conversational AI Transform CX?

In a recent article for CMSWire, reporter Scott Clark delves into the question, “How will AI-powered applications impact the digital landscape as we know it?” According to Clark, AI conversations will become indistinguishable from human interactions. This isn’t a surprise at Mosaicx, but it’s exciting to read updates like this. Learn more in his full article linked below.

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iStock-1177385098Mitigate Contact Center Turbulence with IVAs

Contact centers across different industries face the impacts of unexpected natural disasters or other external challenges that might cause an increase in customer calls. Airlines, for example, must strengthen their contact centers to minimize the impact of travel disruptions. Rebecca Jones, general manager of Mosaicx, explains how businesses can use IVAs to create positive customer and employee experiences in Contact Center Pipeline.

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CX 101: Mosaicx Glossary

CX should always be important to company stakeholders. As customer preferences change, so do the technologies companies use to meet their customers’ needs and maintain a positive customer experience. Our glossary lists key terms and definitions, from intelligent virtual agents to conversational AI, in one easy-to-access location. 

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