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Transform Your Customer Service With Omnichannel Contact Center

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Customer service is often not built to serve customers. Elevator music, endless hold times, and being routed to agents without proper training to solve your problems are common. It is no secret that many customers dread trying to fix an issue via email or genuinely dislike the bot you worked so hard to build or integrate. 

Nobody has time to wait or patience to get in touch with the right person. Your customers want service that solves their issues, and they want it fast. 

The best part is that you want that, too, as a business. To make it happen, it is ideal to move from a multichannel approach to an omnichannel strategy, prioritizing customer experience over everything else. 

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

An omnichannel contact center refers to a contact center team that handles high volumes of communications through multiple synced channels—the result is happier customers who can solve their problems and higher customer experience satisfaction scores.

Most organizations have multiple complex layers of technologies, teams, and goals that simply make it unlikely to build a system that connects all customers' data footprints in a single unified solution. On top of that, multiple teams and employees may not necessarily operate from a CX mindset but from a departmental goal-oriented vision, adding a layer of cultural complexity to the equation. 

One thing is for sure: The principles behind omnichannel contact centers, which have a unified view of customer journeys to serve customers better, are a must for most organizations. Having multiple channels of communication that are disconnected from each other doesn't meet customers' expectations anymore.

Multichannel vs Omnichannel Contact Center, What’s the Difference?

The debate between multichannel and omnichannel contact centers is blurry and often misconstrued. The narrative of omnichannel contact centers revolves around a seamless customer experience that continues without any friction, regardless of the channel. In other words, customers should be able to pick up where they left off across channels. It's a personalized, context-rich, and seamless experience.

Multichannel contact centers, on the other hand, focus on using multiple channels to help customers in their journeys by prioritizing channel engagement and ease of use. These channels are not necessarily connected with each other (they sometimes are via APIs) but instead are segmented based on customer clusters and journeys as well as preferred communication channels. Ultimately, the objective remains to help customers move along in their product or service journey without friction. 

An omnichannel approach, in a nutshell, is tailored around the customer experience. This vision helps your organization deliver a better experience for your customers by putting their journeys at the center of the entire interaction.

Key Features of an Omnichannel CX Contact Center

An omnichannel CX contact center unifies your customer communication channels to ensure you can provide the best customer experience. Among the many features that can help you lean towards adopting omnichannel CX contact center providers like Mosaicx, the following stand out:

Integrated Communication Channels with Unified Interface

By connecting and syncing multiple customer experience channels and leveraging partnerships to enhance existing data in an organization’s CRM, omnichannel solutions help you understand your customers. In the case of Mosaicx, our near real-time machine learning capabilities allow us to map predictive intent, improving accuracy from 45% to 70% thus solving problems faster.

Centralized Customer Data

Mosaicx unifies all of your customers' information in an omnichannel CX solution. We integrate with your CRM and with our predictive conversational AI, we can predict why a customer might be reaching out, providing faster resolutions with our intelligent virtual agent (IVA).

Analytics and Reporting

An important feature of a contact center that serves customers is the ability to track, analyze, and report progress. Companies must be able to monitor platform-level metrics, analyze performance, and find improvement areas by deeply understanding customers and their problems. A CX-focused contact center also helps business leaders find enhancement areas, such as adopting new channels or self-service features. At Mosaicx, we go further by having a team of success coaches who help you analyze your performance and provide permanent recommendations.

Intelligent Routing

The best customer experience is the one where the problem is solved. Intelligent routing connects each customer with the best-fit contact center agent. Whether their problem falls in the sales, support, marketing, or retention category, an efficient call routing process ensures the query is solved with the lowest possible friction. 

AI-Driven Automation

In the era of AI, contact centers are adopting AI and LLMs to improve customer experience. With Mosaicx, you get this from the start of each interaction: identifying customers and predicting why they are contacting you, routing them to natural-sounding intelligent virtual agents, accessing data, automating transactions, and creating a unified customer journey for every call. 

CRM Integration

An omnichannel CX contact center also integrates with your CRM to ensure you have a detailed view of each interaction. On top of that, with Mosaicx you can identify and contain more customers by linking phone numbers to a customer record even when the inbound phone number is the CRM. 

Omnichannel CX Contact Center Benefits

The benefits of moving past a siloed customer experience contact center are abundant. From internal alignment to improving customer service, an omnichannel CX partner helps companies spend less time solving problems. 

Ultimately, a functional contact center allows you to deliver exceptional and flexible personal experiences across all channels when you want and need to engage with your customers. 

Seamless Customer Experience

Exceptional and flexible personal experiences across channels mean organizations maximize productivity and have engaging and contextual conversations with customers. Your customers should feel like all touchpoints are connected, and whether they talk with a natural-sounding AI virtual agent or an actual agent, they should be able to solve their problems quickly. Beyond that, switching from one channel to another must also be frictionless, allowing them to pick up the conversation where they left off regardless of the medium. Solutions like computer telephony integration are vital to ensure the experience is satisfactory and your revenue scales. 

Improved Agent Productivity and Output

Most contact centers have a couple of A players who can solve all customer problems. However, they can’t be on every call, nor should they. With an omnichannel CX contact center, you may use conversational AI intelligent virtual agents to solve most problems, letting your teams focus on more complex issues and high-profile customers. Together with AI, your team is empowered to focus on quality metrics, improve outputs and productivity, and reduce burnout.

Better Business Insights

With omnichannel CX contact centers empowered by AI like Mosaicx, you can access actionable insights based on the voice-of-consumer information. With our solution, you can:

  • Uncover themes and dynamically choose to ask follow-up questions when appropriate to gather deeper insights.
  • Identify trends and monitor agent performance.
  • Have a clear picture of customer satisfaction and opportunities.
  • Gain access to open-ended automatic transcripts that sync with your analytics platform.
  • Get feedback on app design, brand impression, and customer experience using crowdsourced users to test the designs and customer journeys. 

The results: better customer experience and loyalty, cost reduction across operations, revenue generation and an increase in speed-to-value. 

Improved Customer Retention

Using an omnichannel CX solution, customers can communicate on the channel they prefer, skip hold times, avoid repeating themselves when transferred, and solve their problem. With digital conversations powered by artificial intelligence, your customers may converse dynamically and naturally with an IVA that “understands” dynamic human conversation dialogue, helps them solve problems, and redirects them to the right agent by identifying the intent behind the call.

Reduced Customer Support Costs

With our AI-powered intent prediction models and the natural-sounding IVA, Mosaicx customers have reduced costs across all industries. In one case, call containment increased to 60%, helping the organization decrease the number of representatives required to run a successful customer support operation. Likewise, employee and customer satisfaction rates have increased, aiming to solve up to 80% of requests automatically and without human intervention. 

Augments Brand Perception and Reputation

Just as we remember the terrible customer experiences when trying to solve problems by waiting hours on hold, successfully solving problems in minutes also impacts your customers' perceptions. Integrating a cloud-based omnichannel CX contact center helps businesses solve problems faster, creating a more positive experience. Just like we share dreadful CX and stories of unhelpful calls to contact centers, having a delighted customer means having a customer who tells their peers about your excellent service. 

Things to Consider Before You Implement an Omnichannel CX Contact Center

Moving from a siloed channel solution to a connected CX-focused approach requires companies to thoughtfully consider how to meet their goals with this new system. Here are some of the most essential characteristics that should be considered:

Your Customer Base

Thinking about your current customer base may help you prioritize the right partner for your implementation. Some providers do not support the most important channels to you and your customers, meaning you can potentially jeopardize your growth by moving in that direction. Likewise, considering customer preferences and journeys in your current operations model will help you determine which providers in the space are a better fit for your particular needs. Your customers, in other words, are a vital part of selecting the right omnichannel contact center for your business.

Current Infrastructure and Integration With Already Available Systems

Considering your technology infrastructure in depth is required to ensure flawless integration and connect with your business objectives. At Mosaicx, our implementation and configuration experts can customize our solution to ensure all legacy systems connect correctly to our cloud-based technology to run as expected and prevent technical debt and an increase in IT workloads. We use Agile methodologies to deliver fast deployment and permanent incremental improvements. 

Data Security

Ensuring the omnichannel CX solution you are implementing meets cybersecurity and data security requirements is a must. Unlike other players in the space, at Mosaicx, we partner with leading security enablers to reduce fraud and compliance risk for contact center operations from PCI (Payment Card Industry), where payment transactions and other sensitive personal information happen. We are also entirely secure and compliant with multiple information security regulations such as financial and credit card industries, telecommunications, healthcare (HIPAA) and personal data, information security, and Outbound Calling and Texting (TCPA).

Employee Training

Implementing an omnichannel CX contact center doesn’t end after integration. Having employees actively using and leveraging the power of your omnichannel CX solution is just as important. At Mosaicx, we are always available to solve any potential issues. We have a team of success coaches responsible for the execution of a variety of client engagement functions, investigating client issues, and helping create remediation plans with internal stakeholders. This operating model ensures adherence to established policies and procedures and ultimately enables business growth.

Scalability and Future Proofing

In a saturated environment, it is vital to assess the ways in which your omnichannel CX partner is adopting new technologies and investing in future-proofing their solutions. For example, SMS and MMS – the technology that has enabled text messaging for more than two decades – is largely being replaced by RCS, which creates a richer, more secure texting experience. Mosaicx adopted RCS in its early days, so our clients can send branded, multimedia messages to their customers. . 

Likewise, the core of our business is to transform engagement with AI voice and messaging by combining AI, advanced tech, and human expertise. Mosaicx uses Google-backed machine learning and owned intellectual property to understand a digital conversation's spoken word or text, whether the consumer calls the brand or if a brand reaches out to them directly. 

We have been at the vanguard of the contact center industry for decades. Future-proofing is part of our competitive advantage, and we’re not going anywhere.

How Does an Omnichannel CX Contact Center Address Customer Challenges?

While we have already discussed multiple ways in which omnichannel CX contact centers address customer challenges, here are the top three ways you can improve your service with Mosaicx:

  • Intelligent Virtual Agents: Our conversational, automated, intelligent virtual agents (IVA) answer common questions, perform transactions, and get customers the help they need accurately, efficiently, and promptly. Our vision is for customers to engage with our conversational AI personally and confidently, transferring calls when human agents are required.
  • All Channel Enablement: Mosaicx is the only conversational AI provider that supports phone and text service with end-to-end analytics, industry-leading voice features, and a success coach who maximizes value for the life of our relationship. We help you meet customers where they are at any time, reducing frustration and improving their experience.
  • Personalization: With Mosaicx's foundational functionality powering your CX, personalization can begin once we know who calls or texts. Once the customer is identified using machine learning, we can quickly predict why the customer is reaching out. We then resolve any problems with our IVA and personalize each interaction, mirroring your customers' language, segmenting their account type, predicting common reasons why they may be calling, and including relevant events in your relationship.

Omnichannel CX and Omnichannel Contact Centers Future Trends

While the future is uncertain, solving problems in the shortest possible time in the ways customers want is a timeless goal for most organizations. We use Google-backed machine learning and owned AI intellectual property to ensure every interaction counts, leading to better outcomes for our customers.

The future of contact centers is all about understanding and solving your customers' experiences and problems (and, when possible, predicting them before they occur). We have world-class experts and partners to navigate the era of AI as well as seasoned IVR and IVA executives to bring the best of both worlds for each of our clients. 

Mosaicx is a trusted provider with 30-years of experience

For over three decades, we have delivered exceptional omnichannel contact center solutions to enterprises, empowering them to achieve unprecedented growth and impact the world.


With a CX omnichannel contact center like Mosaicx, you can move past outdated traditional customer support methods and focus on building memorable experiences and loyal customers. 


To learn more about how we can help your business improve CX, please visit our solutions section, which includes details on industry-level success metrics, demo videos, and more.