Making conversational AI surprisingly simple.


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The Future of Personalized Banking: Virtual Assistants

The financial services industry is facing new demands. Today’s customers demand personalized banking services, but financial service institutions...

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6 min read

Customer Experience vs. Customer Engagement

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, customer experience and customer engagement strategy are both critical to ensure and improve...

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7 min read

101 Guide to Intelligent Virtual Agents

Intelligent virtual agents (IVA) can help businesses improve their customer service, automate processes, reduce excessive workloads on agents, and...

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Mosaicx Selected as Automation Solution Finalist in 2024 CCW Excellence Awards

Mosaicx Selected as Automation Solution Finalist in 2024 CCW Excellence Awards Leader in conversational AI solutions will exhibit award-nominated...

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Image of a group of people preparing for an AI implementation, overlaid with text that says

5 min read

AI Implementation: A Complete Guide

Delivering exceptional customer experiences has become crucial for building brand loyalty, driving customer retention, and boosting revenue. However,...

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Images of two women using a computer and talking on the phone, representing the difference between generative AI vs. conversational AI

4 min read

Generative AI vs. Conversational AI: How They Work Together in Customer Service

Customer service is rapidly changing thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Two types of AI that are having a major impact are...

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