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The Conversational AI Report | Q4 2023

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Introducing: No Hold Time


We’re excited to announce our new podcast, No Hold Time. In the customer experience space, "hold time" refers to how long a customer waits on a call before someone answers.

Solutions like Mosaicx make no hold time possible. In this podcast, three Mosaicx experts discuss other ways to create exceptional experiences for customers, including hyper-personalization, the popularity of voice vs. text interactions, and metrics you should be tracking. 
Join Brian Bremer, David Araiza, and Eric Robeson as they share everything they know about AI and CX. No holding back. No hold time. See Episode 1 here or find the show on YouTube and popular podcast apps.

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Industry Trends

Contact Center AI Trends for 2024

iStock-487814050Contact centers are undergoing a massive transformation. In response to this changing landscape, many companies turn to conversational AI to supplement customer service operations. Utilizing AI for contact centers helps enhance productivity, exceed and predict customer needs, drive cost savings and adds a competitive edge for the business. Check out our blog post for seven contact center AI trends that have the power to transform customer service and experience in 2024.

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CX Tips

Enhance and Automate CX with Generative AI 

iStock-1086346530Generative AI has been in headlines an increasing amount in recent months. However, these types of conversational AI tools are not new. In an interview with CRM Buyer, Rebecca Jones, general manager of Mosaicx, highlights the role of generative AI in helping organizations implement automation processes to meet customer demands. 

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Conversational CX: The Key to Competitive Edge  

To truly stand out from competitors, it’s imperative that businesses redefine customer engagement by ensuring that interactions with customers are easy, intuitive, and conversational. Businesses that incorporate conversational CX can personalize experiences and increase operational efficiency and long-term customer loyalty. Check out this article from Rebecca Jones, general manager of Mosaicx, to learn more about the competitive advantages of conversational AI.

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Talking Shop

Whitepaper: Six Misconceptions About AI Virtual Agents in Customer Service 

Despite the benefits of AI virtual agents, some businesses are still hesitant to add these technologies into their product folds. In a recent whitepaper, Mosaicx examines six misconceptions IT decision-makers have about adopting IVAs and sets the record straight. Read the whitepaper at the link below.

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