Cheesemaking, Penny Whistles & Whale Conservation: Interview with Vibrant's Grant Riewe

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(YouTube) - Grant Riewe is the chief technology officer of Vibrant Emotional Health, an organization that provides mental health resources to people across the United States. And we'll get into his work at Vibrant in the next episode. In this one, he shares his interesting interests and stories from a life filled with music, baking and studying humpback whales in Southeast Alaska.

This episode has something for everyone. Learn how to help save the whales or get tips on how to elevate a classic chocolate chip cookie. And subscribe to catch the next episode, which will be all about how Vibrant supports people in times of need.

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To contribute to the research and conservation of humpback whales in Southeast Alaska, please visit @VibrantForAll @nationaloceanicandatmosphe781