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Generative AI Needs a Human in the Loop

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(YouTube) - In recent times, there are few technologies that have been as hyped as generative AI. Everyone is interested in how it can maximize their workflows, improve customer experience, and cut costs.

But while it can do all these things, you should keep a close eye on it. Lately, leaders in the space have been holding discussions about where to keep a human in the loop. Basically, they're questioning how to find the balance between AI-powered automation and human-powered oversight.

In this episode, Mosaicx President Rebecca Jones joins the podcast again. She talks with Brian and David about keeping humans in the loop, where previous technology - like chatbots - fell short, and how generative AI can be used in sensitive industries like healthcare. Please like, subscribe, and comment about whether you'd trust AI with sensitive data, like financial and health information.

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