Making conversational AI surprisingly simple.


Photo of a young boy smiling in a doctor's office, overlaid with text saying

3 min read

AI in Healthcare Contact Centers: Patient Care from Virtual Agents

Expectations for individual patient care have increased. Patients want to feel seen and heard by their providers. They also want to trust that those...

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IVR vs. IVA: Two images of women talking on the phone, representing the difference between IVR and IVA.

12 min read

IVR vs. IVA: Is There a Difference and Does It Matter?

IVR and IVA are both technologies that allow customers to interact with a company without having to speak to a live agent. They have two purposes....

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Split screen showing one person interacting with a chatbot on a smartphone and one person interacting with an IVA, a chatbot alternative.

3 min read

Chatbot Alternatives: Why You Should Use an IVA

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots and...

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A doctor speaks to one of her patients, creating a positive patient experience.

4 min read

Patient Experience: IVAs Overcome Healthcare Communications Challenges

Today’s healthcare professionals are met with various challenges that complicate healthcare communications and the patient experience. From staffing...

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