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6 min read

Customer Experience vs. Customer Engagement

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, customer experience and customer engagement strategy are both critical to ensure and improve...

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8 min read

How Contact Center Automation Helps Improve Performance | Mosaicx

Working at a contact center is no joke. You get back-to-back calls during peak hours, repetitive conversations, short-tempered clients, tons of “hold...

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IVR vs. IVA: Two images of women talking on the phone, representing the difference between IVR and IVA.

12 min read

IVR vs. IVA: Is There a Difference and Does It Matter?

IVR and IVA are both technologies that allow customers to interact with a company without having to speak to a live agent. They have two purposes....

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Image of an online shopper's finger on a smartphone screen, looking at products and navigating the retail customer experience.

4 min read

How to Use AI to Improve Retail Customer Experience

Retail customers want shopping experiences that meet their expectations for immediacy, personalization, and quality. These expectations contribute to...

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A photo with graphic overlays showing a man holding a credit card, shopping, and receiving retail customer service.

4 min read

How Virtual Agents Improve Retail Customer Service

E-commerce and online shopping continue to increase in popularity among consumers. This shift has forced brands to enhance retail customer experience...

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